Can Interim Management Increase the Success Rate of Your Project?

For cash strapped businesses in today's economic climate, time really is money. With budgets being cut and staff under ever increasing pressure to perform, day-to-day projects can be a real struggle to complete. One way in which a number of companies have tried to combat this, is with the employment of an interim manager.

An interim manager is a senior level member of staff that is brought in to assist in the running of specific projects. Over a short-term contract, which can last anything from a few weeks to a few months, they bring specialist knowledge into any team. With extensive experience in completing projects in this way, interim managers implement long term changes.

With the economy in the unstable state it is in currently, interim or change managers tend to only be brought in to boost poorly performing companies. This can be due to a particular crisis, the sudden departure of a senior level member of staff, or just to boost flagging sales. By bringing in these temporary members of staff, companies can find their feet quickly and easily.

But if you're a small, close knit team with a tried-and-tested method for the completion of projects; can this type of manager really improve and increase your success rate? With budgets squeezed and employers struggling to cope as it is, are the extra hands and skills really worth it?

The first way in which these short-term employees can increase your project's success rate is that that are unbiased. As they are external and not in any way connected with your company, they can provide honest opinions on where you're going wrong. They are close enough to know what the best call to action is, but neutral enough to speak their minds.

Secondly, interim managers have an array of industry knowledge which can further transform your projects. They will have worked on a number of tasks in a variety of industries, which will allow them to implement the best possible strategies for you. This will help boost your success rates, as projects will always be completed to an extremely high standard.

Thirdly, the nature of interim management relies on the successful completion of projects. If the work they do with you ends badly, it reflects badly on them. They will only be placed with another company based on positive testimonials and referrals. This can increase the success rate of your project because they are always going to give 100%. They will care about projects as much as you, and will strive to complete them to the best of their ability.

Whatever the nature of your project, an interim manager is certainly an option worth considering. Depending on your particular niche, there will be managers that are specialists in your market that can completely transform the way you look at projects.

Article Source: Ruth Williams

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