Why Renting Plastic Packing Crates Is the Best Solution for a Business Move or Reorganisation

The number of cardboard boxes required would be difficult to estimate and therefore to budget for. Heavier items are best packed in smaller boxes, which would make them easier to lift, so a variety of box sizes would need to be considered. Cardboard boxes are typically supplied flat-packed, so time is wasted assembling and sealing boxes. Cardboard boxes vary in their strength and durability, and are broadly available in a single or double walled construction. Double walled construction offers the most strength but even then if boxes are exposed to moisture or excessive pressure they become weakened.

Plastic packing crates are manufactured from tough polypropylene, which makes them exceptionally robust and secure. They are specifically designed to hold and protect the items within them, so the risk of damage to contents is minimised. Most removal crates come in lidded varieties which means they are weatherproof and can be securely sealed.

If a business rented plastic crates they would be delivered clean and ready for immediate use. There is no downtime preparing the crates for use. Crates can be delivered direct to a specified location, even to a precise location within a building, and at a time to suit. This leaves staff free and ready to get on with the job in hand. A range of different plastic packing crates may be hired depending on the items to be moved, for example, computer crates, book crates and standard lidded crates which are perfect all-rounders.

Estimating the number of rental crates required for a move is relatively straightforward, especially with the assistance of online crate calculator tools, which recommend the required number of crates based on staff headcounts.

The crate rental option is also very convenient, the crates arrive where and when you need them and when your move is complete the crates are collected. There is no need for a business to store crates once the move is done. Furthermore, there is practically no wastage with crate hire, a business is charged for the number of crates that it uses and there is no cardboard or other packaging to dispose of afterwards.

Plastic crates offer advantages over their cardboard counterparts when it comes to the environment, but how do they score on Health and Safety? Most crates are ergonomically designed with large moulded handles each side for easy lifting. They will not split underneath dropping heavy contents onto toes! Lidded crates can be stacked securely when full without risk of toppling and they can be safely nested when empty. A crate hire company will offer crates that have been specifically designed for safe lifting and may also offer skates and other handling equipment for hire such as trolleys and cages, to safely transport crates and office furniture. As with all manual handling operations, the job in hand should be carefully assessed and steps taken to minimise the risk of injury.

Plastic packing crates are the preferred choice for business moves but do you buy or rent them? The vast majority of businesses will rent crates, because for them, renting crates makes sound business sense. If your business has an ongoing need for crates, for example, you have significant storage requirements over a long period of time, then it may be more cost effective to purchase crates and get the crate washing services to maintain them. Consider ex-rental or used crates as competitive prices can be achieved on these.

If your project is ad hoc, then crate rental allows complete flexibility to your business needs. You would avoid the large capital outlays involved if purchasing crates. With rental, controlled and predictable costs can be achieved, which are variable, not fixed. Also, with crate rental a business can access the experience and know-how of the provider, who would have much to offer in terms of advice and support.

If you employed the services of a professional commercial moving company to undertake your company move, then you would see pretty early on that they use plastic packing crates in their operations, almost without exception. They know all about cost, security and efficiency, so it's a strong justification for the advantages of the plastic crate over its cardboard alternatives.

Article Source: Beant K Bajwa

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